Work safety advice

Work safety advice


Work safety advice

The "ENVIRONMENT & SAFETY ENGINEERING" company, was founded in 2007 by the engineer Ivano Manfrin and since then since then it has been involved in European workplace safety consultancy. Consulting for safety and hygiene in the workplace is intended at 360° to ensure adequate support for the company to fulfill legal obligations.

Specifically, professional figures are made available to the customer such as, for example, the external Safety Manager or the occupational physician, and contextually it is adequate technical support is guaranteed for the preparation of documents and safety reports, for example Drafting of safety documents, emergency plan, etc.

Furthermore, all the procedures necessary for the implementation and maintenance of HACCP systems for safety and food hygiene in private and public structures are fully developed.

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Safety first

Each service provided by our company is carried out by professionals and ensured by the EN ISO 9001: 2015 Certification and by the Accreditation Certificate issued by the PIEDMONT REGION in 2013 as a qualifying vocational training institution. All training activities involve the issue of a regular certificate of qualification or permission.

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