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Confined spaces

SConfined spaces

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Confined spaces

The course Confined spaces and Suspected Pollution Environments includes two distinct programs: a purely theoretical and a practical and qualifying one. The theoretical part can be carried out on its own, but has no enabling value under the legislation. Having the course only theoretical in nature, IT IS NOT ENABLING as it DOES NOT INCLUDE the practical TRAINING required by the legislation for the execution of works in confined spaces.

The course is aimed at all those who works in confinated space or organize the works activities in these places. The specific theme is:

- environments suspected of pollution such as wells, sewers, tunnels, chimneys and pit areas in general;
- pipes, ducts, containers such as tanks, tanks and the like, silos, etc.

In general all the circumscribed environments characterized by reduced access openings and by a poor unfavorable natural ventilation in which due to the presence of dangerous chemical agents (gases, vapors, dusts) a serious accident can occur.

The practical module added to the theoretical one allows the qualification of enterprises and self-employed workers destined to operate in environments suspected of pollution and confined environments. The complete course fulfills the obligations established by current safety norms. The norms in object define the information and specific training on the risk factors relating to environments suspected of pollution or confined.

The obligation is for all personnel, including the employer, who must work in such environments. In the practical part are performed:

- practical entry exercises in confined spaces with anti-fall PPE and respiratory protection PPE;
- evacuation tests of the injured person inside the confined space using recovery systems or procedures.

The trainings organized by ENVIROMENT & SAFETY ENGINEERING S.R.L. are carried out by a team of professional teachers. The performance is ensured by the Certification and the Certificate of Accreditation as a qualifying vocational training institution. All training activities, if passed ones, involve the issue of a certificate of qualification.

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