Fire, low, medium and high risk

Fire, low, medium and high risk

Fire, low, medium and high risk

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Fire, low, medium and high risk

The fire-fighting course is aimed at workers who will cover the person in charge of fire prevention and emergency management.

Fire courses have programs and duration based on the company's risk classification: low, medium, high. The courses are so organized: a general theoretical part, which deals with the basics and causes of fire, portable extinguishing media (fire extinguishers) and prevention measures.

The second part of the fire-fighting course, medium and high levels, is based on a practice test. We pay particular attention at the practical modules with exercises and fire simulations. They represent not only a further verification of learning in the classroom, but a real training of the personnel, where concrete situations are faced with the relative intervention procedures for emergency management. They are moments of "learning by doing", to provide people with a total mastery of the appropriate use of fire extinguishers and hydrants.

The tests are carried out both at the company and in our training area.

The trainings organized by ENVIROMENT & SAFETY ENGINEERING S.R.L. are carried out by a team of professional teachers. The performance is ensured by the Certification and the Certificate of Accreditation as a qualifying vocational training institution. All training activities, if passed ones, involve the issue of a certificate of qualification.

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