Agricultural Tractor

Agricultural Tractor

Agricultural Tractor

Safe use of vehicles and equipment

Courses  Max 36 Hours Italy, Europe

Agricultural Tractor

The theoretical and practical course provides the user with all the necessary information for the safe use of the agricultural or forestry tractor and for carrying out all the operations to pull, push, carry or operate certain interchangeable equipment, or to tow trailers.

Specifically, motorized agricultural or forestry tractors, on wheels or tracks, with at least two axles and whose maximum traction speed is not less than 6 [km / h] are treated.

The theoretical part is common to all types of tractors, while the practical part is divided into specific modules for machines on tires or tracks.

The trainings organized by ENVIROMENT & SAFETY ENGINEERING S.R.L. are carried out by a team of professional teachers. The performance is ensured by the Certification and the Certificate of Accreditation as a qualifying vocational training institution. All training activities, if passed ones, involve the issue of a certificate of qualification.

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